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General Rules of Oman Country

April, 2021

Rich tradition and culture are of two most outstanding features of Oman country and Omani people are characterized as kind, respectful, and welcoming. In order to have a pleasant memorial travel in this country, it would be better to be aware of its general rules. Islam is the religious of Omani people; they believe in God and obey Quran suggestions, then wearing inappropriate short clothes, drinking alcohol, taking unprescribed drugs which may cause unpredictable and disrespectful behaviors are illegal. Muslims respect mosques and value them as holy places; if you take their values into consideration, you will absolutely enjoy hospitality and nice behavior of Omani people. In a Muslim society, it is not tolerated to insult women or try to flirt with them. Carrying weapons is considered as a threat to the locales and police officers. Visitors must never mock their leader and history. Oman is a clean and peaceful country; therefore, visitors must keep attractions, famous sites, streets, gardens, etc. clean and try not to leave rubbish in places that they visit.


The country is located in a zone of dry tropical climate. Muscat is one of its driest cities and has the average temperature of 34 °C (93 °F) in June and 26 °C (79 °F) in winter. Spring season in oman has an exhausting heat because of dry winds from Rub’ al Khali desert. There are sand storms in summer and depended to the location, the annual amount of precipiration ranges from 25 to 500 mm.

There is a growing temperature in this season. The average range is among 31 °C (during the day) and 21 °C (at night).
The amount of daylight hours increases to 11. The increasing amount of temperature is not much significant and is just a couple of degrees higher than at May. There will be some rains in southern regions and the temperature will go down at August.
The weather in October is good enough for having tourists' plans. The range of daily temperature will be 32 and 22 °C at November (at day and night, respectively).
Oman will have the peak of tourism at this season. Daily temperature is around 27 and 19°C. Diving will be great at January.
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